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The Double Fine question

October 9th, 2006 :: General, New products :: 14 Responses

Psychonauts is coming to Steam this month. What of developers Double Fine?

Junction Point Studios dropping Steam

September 13th, 2006 :: General :: 8 Responses

Has Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios been forced to back down from digital distribution? GameSpot’s report from the little-publicised Austin Games Conference suggests so, and my enquiries have been met with silence. Expect the worst.

Steam Podcast launched

September 2nd, 2006 :: General, Site news :: 15 Responses

The first Steam Podcast was released today. While it concerns the wider Steam community more than it does Steam itself, some company is welcome all the same!

PayPal and Wire Transfer arriving soon

August 27th, 2006 :: General :: 22 Responses

New purchase methods are being added to Steam over the next few weeks, demolishing its reliance on credit cards.


Introversion talk Steam

July 15th, 2006 :: General, New products :: 16 Responses have posted an interview with Mark Morris, director of Introversion Software, developers of Darwinia and Defcon, which spends a significant portion of its time covering the indie developers’ relationship with Steam, and their thoughts on digital distribution in general.


Virgin to launch ‘rent’ distribution system

June 23rd, 2006 :: General :: 4 Responses

Virgin Games is set to see the launch of a proprietary digital distribution service next year, delivering a range of titles through an ephemeral streaming system.