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Steam Podcast launched

Community grows :: September 2nd, 2006 :: General, Site news :: 15 Responses

The first Steam Podcast was released today. While it concerns the wider Steam community more than it does Steam itself, some company is welcome all the same!

‘Episode 1’ covers PopCap’s arrival, Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Team Fortress 2, Microsoft’s XNA Express beta, recent Starcraft 2 rumours and the CPL Spectator Pass offer, and is headlined by an interview with a member of the SourceForts mod team.

Good luck guys. 🙂

15 Responses to this post:

  1. Jason Says:

    It seems the gaming community has caught up to the crowd. Wikis, blogs and podcasts – Oh my! A tad late but still great to see folks abandoning cliché message boards.

  2. ally Says:


  3. wizpig64 Says:

    Oh great, another show to add to my long list of podcasts. 😛 I can’t wait.

  4. Bob Somers Says:

    Thanks for the story! Glad you all enjoyed the podcast! More coming next week…

  5. garry Says:


  6. Juggalo129 Says:

    They do a good job.

  7. hahnchen Says:

    In a slightly downbeat comment, I hope it gets better. I think 50 minutes is too long, and that a more tightly focused 30 minute show would do it a lot of good.

  8. wizpig64 Says:

    I like long podcasts, but I think this one could use a bit more content stuffed in. I mean come on, Starcraft 2? that has nothing to do with Steam.

  9. Andy Simpson Says:

    I have trouble listening to podcasts. I tend to start doing something else, and before I know it I’ve stopped paying any attention to the things. Maybe I need to actually load ’em onto an MP3 player.

  10. Bob Somers Says:

    If you do any long driving podcasts are great way to pass the time. I used to drive 600 miles a week and they were a lifesaver.

    Starcraft 2 was mentioned because we cover a little bit of general gaming news as well. While our main focus is Steam, we realize that most gamers play a variety of different games from different publishers.

    Suggestions noted though, thanks for your support!

  11. wizpig64 Says:

    Glad to help, man. Maybe it’s just me tho, but I don’t care much about starcraft. But sure, if you want to make the broaden the podcast, I don’t mind general gaming news. It was just unexpected was all.

  12. Bob Says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine listening to something 50 mins long. I’d be much more inclined to listen to something 20 mins long, or even 15, but maybe that’s just how things are done in podcast land.

    Psssst, btw, be polite and link back to Tom’s site from yours. 😉

  13. Andy Simpson Says:

    Not related at all, but you know what is awfully peculiar?

    Friends isn’t automatically disabled any more when you’re in offline mode. If you then happen to connect up to the net, Friends will suddenly be able to connect – with Steam still in offline mode. The left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right is doing.

  14. Tom Edwards Says:

    Yeah, 3.0 elements do that. Persistent session, remember?

  15. Andy Simpson Says:

    True, true. Makes me wonder though, how long is this state of transition from 2.0 to 3.0 going to be? Seems like it’s been going on forever.

    It’s just getting a bit weird, one part has a persistent connection, the other needs you to restart to pick up updates, or new subscriptions being added, or news updates. One part asynchronously works out if you’re online or offline, the other part does it once at startup and sticks like it.

    Mighty weird, if you ask me. And when are they going to release the P2P features? The .res files and localised strings for them have been around for ages now, and the feature still hasn’t shown up. I’m starting to get the feeling it’s been canned.