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Purchase Options expanded

January 31st, 2006 :: General :: 4 Responses (Feed)

Late last year Pre-paid cards and Movie trailers and purchases were quietly added to the Steam Store, a long-resolved error making them appear on the main Store page.

Pre-paid cards are bought in shops and give access to Steam games as if they were bought with a credit card, expanding Steam’s availability and bypassing the various limitations online sales have on both buyer and seller. However, the fact they have made an appearance in the Store suggests they also serve another purpose linked to online purchases.

Update: Valve have warned that the pages are merely ‘wishlists’. Don’t hold your breath…

4 Responses to this post:


  1. Trever Bennett Says:

    I wish…

  2. James Says:

    Pre-paid cards for steam would be great and way easyer for most people that dont have a cc like me for one

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