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Steam Developers Wanted

February 11th, 2006 :: Steam updates, Valve :: 2 Responses

Two new entries have appeared on the Jobs section of Valve’s website, both regarding Steam.

Software Engineer, Steam
Help build future versions of Steam, the digital entertainment platform that is changing the industry. As a Software Engineer, you’ll design and deliver new features to enable new game experiences, better deliver all kinds of digital content to millions of customers, enhance community features, and drive revenue…

It isn’t quite as intriguing as their vacancy for those with experience in “3D puppet construction and complex skin deformation” (which has been up there some months now), but confirms nonetheless the direction Steam is being taken in: new game experiences, community features, and what would presumably be new billing models. Anyone taking a shot?


2 Responses to this post:

  1. Wizpig64 Says:

    I’ve already bought the game, so personally I’m not that interested in new billing methods. (Except maybe for some of the Episodic Content.) What is exciting me is the possibility of Matchmaking.

  2. ironclad Says:

    Tom you should totally take that position!