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New Store design in production

What lies beneath the visuals? :: June 7th, 2006 :: Steam updates :: 16 Responses (Feed)
Steam Store v3 image
The new (and incomplete) design does not yet provide any real insight into its purpose.

We might not be seeing a second Store, but the current one is undergoing an upgrade (thanks Master). Click past the front page of version 3 to see its new design, an incomplete but already stylish grey-tone page with more prominent metadata, a more efficient design, and greatly improved semantics.

Aside from minor new metadata fields and the clear visual upgrade (which moves away from the white background traditional in online stores), the new design does not yet provide clues to any deeper purpose, save perhaps that it may be part of a redesign of the main site, nor hint at Valve’s answer to the management issues posed by the rapidly approaching torrent of back-catalogue Atari titles.

The V3 directory is no longer accessible.

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  1. Tom Edwards Says:

    Left-aligned images make their triumphant return!

    I’ve got to admit, I am a complete sucker for orange on black. The only Windows theme I’ve ever been truly happy with is Black Mesa, so the new V3 design is just wonderful as far as I’m concerned. If the colour scheme remains as it is now, I’m going to end up browsing the store just to hover my pointer over the purchase buttons!

  2. ATimson Says:

    Well, at least part of the purpose of the design seems fairly obvious—to bring the Store into visual alignment with the default Steam theme. It looks to me like the rest is just general cleanup, advancing the page design past 1999.

    (It’d be nice if the Store could be skinned, somehow, like the client can be; but seeing as how they don’t even off that for the much simpler Update News page, I’m not holding my hopes up.)

  3. Tom Edwards Says:

    I’ve whipped up a new stylesheet based on the V3 Store. Any opinions? It only applies to comments right now, so excuse the contrast with the rest of the page.

  4. Andy Simpson Says:

    I’m wondering about the HD resolution part. The only reason I can see to include that would be for the Xbox 360, it’s fairly meaningless on the PC. Make of that what you will.

  5. ATimson Says:

    Mostly, I like it; I think that you could probably go with just the one background color, though, since there’s the gap between each box to serve as a visual separator.

    (Minor bug: since the text is white on the grey background, the comment # is also white, and thus disappears.)

  6. Tom Edwards Says: