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AWOMO beta soon; sign up now

Perks for selected testers :: May 27th, 2007 :: Other services :: 5 Responses

Virgin Games’ A World of My Own is accepting beta tester applications. As well as early (but NDA-ed) access, “if you’re chosen from one of the first 30,000 players to register you’ll be rewarded with big discounts and special on going privileges”.

You’ll be asked for your street address during the signup process, but your form will be accepted with “prefer not to disclose” messages in the offending fields. Be warned though: dummy information may well harm your chances of being picked!

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  1. Andy Simpson Says:

    Gosh, for a second there I wondered if Valve had decided to hand down to you details of the Steam community, but alas.

    I signed up the other day, not sure I even got a confirmation email, but ah well. Will be interesting to see how this one goes, but with the 3D bit to it, I feel they might be biting off more than they can chew.

    If I were them I’d focus on getting the core tech right. Not saying that the 3D bit is a bad idea, but I’d say it should be a version 2.0 idea.

  2. ATimson Says:

    You have to weight not getting the tech right versus their not getting a high audience interest because it’s not visually appealing, or distinguishable from other products on the market…

  3. Andy Simpson Says:

    True. You just have to wonder how ready this is going to be to roll out. Steam had two betas and it wasn’t really ready for prime-time, and all they had was the custom 2D VGUI interface.

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