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Store 3.0 beta starting today

New design and functionality :: August 2nd, 2006 :: Steam updates :: 16 Responses (Feed)

A beta test for the 3.0 iteration of the Steam Store is starting later today. The new design was uncovered last month, but was quickly withdrawn after the news leaking out.

While we have a rough idea of the visual theme of the new store, its functionality is not yet clear. It has been given the ‘3.0’ monkier however, so it’s safe to expect something significantly different from the current system.

The Wiki page implies that the testing will start later today, PST. However, it is just coming up to 11PM here in England so initial reactions will probably fall to you, dear readers: be sure to watch this post’s comments.

And here it is.


16 Responses to this post:

  1. Citizen 13 Says:

    All systems are go.

  2. Alex Says:

    Looks nice so far, but it still has that horrible flickering effect for me when I resize the Store window.

  3. ATimson Says:

    That’s a browser bug; given the choice between the minor flicker you should only be seeing once in a while, and doing away with the nifty gradient at the edges, I think they prefer the former choice. 😉

  4. ironclad Says:

    I am not sure if they changed the storefront for Valve gear, but I was exploring that as well (they link to storefront from steam now) and they are still selling Half Life 2 “Aftermath” mouse pads. Weird. I kind of want to get one cause they are going to be obsolete soon.

  5. Andy Simpson Says:

    I think they must have ordered them before they changed the name. Oh well.

    It’s not massively different from the old store, just generally sexier.

    Points to note: There’s a heading for games priced from $1 to $10. Either that’s some creative marketing, or they’re thinking of pricing something below the $9.95 mark.

    The ads on the main page seem to rotate between a set of different games. Seems like a very fair way to distribute that front-page space.

  6. wizpig64 Says:

    Wow, you can watch streaming trailers in the sidebar!

  7. Ally Says:

    how do you make it change from the old one

  8. Tom Edwards Says:

    With this link.

  9. Ally Says:

    it still dosnt work in steam

  10. Tom Edwards Says:

    Are you clicking the link in IE?

  11. Tom Edwards Says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the Steam window on the new Get Steam Now page has a ‘[Beta]’ tag? It’s got the My Media tab and everything, so it can’t be an old shot with the new Store pasted over.

    (Before anyone suggests that it might be an internal thing, that would make it [Alpha])

  12. Ally Says:

    yey thank you

  13. wizpig64 Says:

    The Friends window had a Beta tag also, but thats been out officially for months.

  14. ATimson Says:

    Points to note: There’s a heading for games priced from $1 to $10. Either that’s some creative marketing, or they’re thinking of pricing something below the $9.95 mark.

    Or, that’s just leftover from the fact that it was a last-minute fix after the beta start, and they’ll be changing it so that $9.95 is included in the $10 category. *shrug*

  15. Jobye Says:

    I don’t think that’s a ploy Timson, remember GMog is being sold on Steam? It is said that it would be 10$, but you know how prices on Steam are never round numbers like that. So, 9.95$. Also, most back-catalogue games are priced at 9.95$.

  16. ATimson Says:

    True. But at $9.95, it’s effectively $10; might as well group them in the $10 category, and avoid the asymmetry they have now. 🙂