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Warren Spector developing for Steam

November 22nd, 2005 :: New products :: 6 Responses

It’s been a crazy week for Steam releases and it isn’t slowing down yet, with the new announcement that gaming god Warren Spector, of System Shock and Deus Ex fame, is producing a Source-powered game for Steam with his development outfit Junction Point Studios.

“We are currently working with Valve on a new game using the Source Engine to be delivered via Steam, and are looking for top talent from within the industry to help us out.”

No other news yet, except the possibility that it will take a cartoon-esque visual style, and there is unlikely to be any for a while. Expect great things though. Expect great things…

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  1. Wizpig64 Says:

    “…he has been involved in the creation of such acclaimed titles as Ultima VI: The False Prophet, Ultima VII: Serpent Isle, Underworld, System Shock, Thief and Deus Ex, at companies like Origin, Looking Glass and Ion Storm.”


  2. Tom Says:

    I got the impression from the job ads on the site that the Steam thing was separate from the shorter-term cartoon-style project he also wants help with.

  3. Tom Edwards Says:

    I thought so to, but it’s worth noting the possibility all the same.

  4. Christian Stricker Says:

    I smell a Deus Ex 3!

  5. Tom Edwards Says:

    Despite Eidos’ troubles, I don’t think Spector owns that IP. 😉

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