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Site updates

February 4th, 2006 :: Site news :: 1 Response

More changes to the site. I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.0.1, made some minor tweaks (including alt+f to search and alt+s to submit your comment) and through the power of CSS added a new style, TSR Slim. Firefox and Opera users can switch to it through View > (Page) Style. The theme can now be chosen from the Options section of the sidebar.

On the subject of IE, the IE7 beta makes large improvements on 6 and does a much better job of rendering the site correctly. If you can bear the UI, it’s worth an install.

Slim is a work in progress, so please leave any feedback you’ve got!

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  1. Tom Edwards Says:

    TSR Slim 0.2b known issues:

    • Post metadata and subsequent post titles are too close to each other at low resolutions.
    • Rounded corners only appear on the content div in Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Camino etc.). There’s no way around this until CSS3 browsers start appearing.