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PayPal ‘preview’ available now

Credit card not required :: November 7th, 2006 :: Steam updates :: 20 Responses

PayPal is now available through Steam, as part of a not-beta “preview” phase accessed with steam.exe -paypal. PayPal is now officially supported.

This preview release of PayPal on Steam is not being made available by default to all users because initially we want the overall number of transactions to be small. This lets us hand inspect every transaction and lets our support team interact individually with each PayPal customer.

As with all Steam transactions, all purchases are final and are subject to the terms of the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

There isn’t that much to say about the preview at this point, past the fact of its existence: you are redirected to a page on the PayPal website and go on from there, presumably like any other transaction. The disconnect may be slightly disconcerting for some, but if you’re using PayPal in the first place you are likely to be familiar with the process anyway.

If you’ve made a purchase through the preview, please feel free to leave a comment!

20 Responses to this post:

  1. garry Says:

    I’ve heard a couple of people that have bought stuff off Steam in the last few hours just for the hell of it (because now they can).

    They said the purchase was smooth and the game was added to their account instantly.

  2. e. nonee moose Says:

    Another smart move on Valve’s part… I don’t have any hard statistics but I would imagine a large portion of their customer base are thoroughly familiar with Paypal and will welcome the addition payment options provided.

  3. Film11 Says:

    Excellent news. If I wasn’t so low on cash at the moment (ah the joys of being a student) I would most definitely purchase a game or two 😉

  4. Silver Says:

    Sweet, now I can buy games much more easily!

    So this is how garry will be paid when he releases GMOD 10.

  5. nikomo Says:

    Garry, if someone buys GMOD10 with PayPal, does the money (without better words) “add” in the normal ammount you get? I guess so, just wanted to know, since your PayPal account got.. uh.. yeah.

  6. wizpig64 Says:

    it probably just goes to valve, who then takes it’s cut of the price, and then forwards the rest to garry. i doubt it would go directly into his account. esp when it’s fubar at the moment.

  7. Crump Says:

    Yes! my best friend now can get steam games and play with us all 🙂 well done steam!

  8. Steve Says:

    But thing is Garry isnt getting any money check the story on the Valve Developer Wiki, he traded GMod 10 for the Source Engine Source Code rights. smart move on his part

    But yea I have made a few purchases already I bought COD, COD:UO, and COD2 via PayPal. I was able to move the money directly from my paypal account on COD and COD:UO but when it came to COD2 I had to use a credit card because they dont accept e-checks but inh who cares another payment option is always welcome in my opinion

  9. hahnchen Says:

    Here’s a task for you Tom. Find out why Medieval 2: Total War is only getting a Steam release in the Americas. It’s strange as there’s only one publisher involved worldwide, Sega.

  10. Tom Edwards Says:

    If it’s not the publishers, it’ll be the retailers.

  11. AlMightyBob Says:

    Shweet indeed. I couldn’t buy anything from Steam before but PayPal makes it way easier.

  12. DarkestKnight1 Says:

    yeah thats great but any update on when wire transfer is coming out ?

  13. mikeh269 Says:

    I bought a ton of games with the Paypal preview. It’s immense.

    It’s so easy to use as well with my Solo card 😀

  14. kite2400 Says:

    Meh, it keeps telling me the servers are busy. Always says try again in a few hours, but I have been trying for days >

  15. Tom Edwards Says:

    Delete clientregistry.blob.

  16. Steve Says:

    Ok I just purchased some more games I got X2/X3 combo package, and I got the Earth 2160 game, it looked cool lol

  17. blacKDemon Says:

    Will the PayPal service ever work in germany???

  18. Adrian Says:

    hey am adrian my email is my father thinks they cood get scamme doing this papy pal thing plz help me he thinks that cauce its say bussy or something wrong 😮

  19. Coleton Denninger Says:

    Ok, well ive been trying to buy cs source but when it gets to the “lets reveiw your purchase on steam ” page when it shows the link it wont let me click it, ill click it but nothing will happen.

    Has this happened to any one?

  20. smittyk74 Says:

    hi i like to no when i sing up for paypal can i use it to buy counter strike on steam.then can i get out of paypal.i just like to use it to buy counter strike.thanks