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P2P, commercial, or both? :: September 14th, 2007 :: General :: 20 Responses (Feed)

Domain lookups show that Valve registered last May (thanks Michael). A whole domain for movies suggests very strongly that they intend to make a big thing out of the upcoming network.

Official trailers are a given and looking at the client’s hidden P2P controls community content is almost certain, but it’s Gametap-style programming that would really mark Steam Movies out — and play a part in Gabe Newell’s “comprehensive entertainment experience” strategy.

There is also a potential for direct commercialisation, that is to say purchasable media, though as was discussed when Steam first began delivering movies such a scheme would involve either a new DRM system from Valve or an improbable integration with Microsoft’s WMDRM tech.

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  1. hahnchen Says:

    I doubt this is going to be a dive head first into movie/TV show distribution. I doubt Valve have the contacts in the film industry to make this happen.

    I do think that it’ll begin as a platform for player’s machinima creations, what with Garry’s mod and the like. In a recent interview, Gabe talked about charging for moves such as the short Meet the Soldier style vignettes. Given the rapturous reception of those videos, Valve could charge for some longer machinima movies.

    I do however, think that we’re not going to see anything of this domain for a long time.

  2. Tom Edwards Says:

    Hahnchen, I think entering marked your comment as spam. Please use a real address…nobody sees it but me!

    On the machinima front, take a look at the menu I’ve opened in Valve’s in-game movie editor (ignore the main menu being over it, I turned it on by mistake):

    Source Filmmaker File menu

    I don’t know if I should link to its download. Do some searching and it’ll turn up. 🙂

  3. Sert :] Says:

    Looks cool, hop you will have the ability to load .dem files but if you know how to enable it, please tell us 😀

  4. sixtyfps Says:

    Actually, buddy, Valve has hired some interesting people, according to this interview with CGsociety:

    “We’ve hired veterans from places like Blizzard, Pixar, WETA, Sony Imageworks, ILM, Blue Sky, and DNA.”

  5. Brett Says:

    where do you get this i looked everwhere!

  6. Tom Edwards Says:

    It isn’t out yet.

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