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EA Downloader Fallout

November 14th, 2005 :: General :: 4 Responses

It’s been a few days since EA Downloader launched and the smoke is clearing. While bandwidth and delivery seem stable enough, with only a handful of complaints, the client itself is causing some worrying problems over and above those I identified on Friday. Security is an especially large concern, as the program leaves your unencrypted credit card details both in your browser cache and autofill. An equally unprofessional error leaves buyers charged VAT without any notification (leading to their understandable conclusion: they’ve been dishonestly overcharged).

With that said, it’s worth remembering that downloading and the client program itself are both reasonably stable, putting EA Downloader in a far stronger position in the struggle for public acceptance than Steam was four days after its launch.

4 Responses to this post:

  1. Andrew Simpson Says:

    But I doubt they’re getting quite the load that Steam was on launch, when hundreds upon thousands of people all simultanously tried to download CS 1.6…

  2. Tom Edwards Says:

    It’s hardly a fair comparison, but in the war for public acceptance it’s one that will be made.

    Edit: Updated post.

  3. DiSTuRbEd Says:

    Steam is stable right now, so past means nothing. That security error is huge, I also like the few dollar charges too so many people will want to buy off that….

  4. Xthermal Says:

    I Like the fact of steam. BUT EA’s downloader is too stupid. Why DL when you have to have a stupid DL program running in the background taking up System Resources, and also that DL is constantly checking for updates, so its take more system resources plus others. Why DL the EA Downloader. Get your credit Card stuff stolen cause STUPID EA didnt see the fact that it caches your information on your computer and it doesnt protect it from fraud.