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Mods get Steamworks

Preparation for widespread hosting? :: August 11th, 2008 :: Steamworks :: 51 Responses (Feed)

Too many crossings out, time for a rewrite!

Five mods have been given special access to the Steamworks SDK and will be releasing future versions over Steam. The news was announced by the co-op HL2 mod Synergy, probably earlier than it was supposed to be:

I would also like to inform you that we will be releasing Synergy and future updates through Steam! Valve Software has allowed us to do so by giving us access to the Steamworks SDK.

We are honored to be one of the four (sic) first selected mods to be given this opportunity. We will certainly put this to good use!

For you players, this means that you will see Achievements and Stats coming to Synergy in later updates. (Not to mention the automatic updates, provided by Steam.)

This plugs the final gap in Steam’s handling and presentation of mods; now they are to all intents and purposes they are free games, including, apparently, support for sub-mods. Previously mod teams had been told they were too small for Valve to support, and before that that their work was one day going to be distributed over Steam’s Peer-to-Peer network.

Although Steamworks doesn’t by itself give a game a presence in the Steam store, the more popular mods are already listed and are unlikely to be removed just to comply with Valve’s rules for commercial games.

The names of the other four mods have been found referenced in Steam’s content registry (thanks AciD):

And Synergy, of course. There’s no known date for when Valve will start extending offers to other mods, and knowing Valve most likely isn’t one at all!


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  1. Film11 Says:

    Ohh, good news. Hopefully this will further increase a mod’s playerbase or otherwise revitalise it. I’m especially pleased about Adam of MINERVA fame getting a job at Valve. I’m sure we’ll see some of his grand influence in the maps in Episode 3.

  2. AciD Says:

    I bet 10$ that ZPS! will be there too.

  3. Naurgul Says:

    This is really good (and kind of unexpected) news.

  4. Secone Says:

    This is great news!

  5. Chewy Says:

    Sweet. Been a synergy fan for a while. I’m hoping it’ll be Dystopia, Minerva, and Empires

  6. AciD Says:
  7. Tom Edwards Says:

    Where did you see DIPRIP? I can’t find it in my cache.

    Edit: never mind, I found it in the blob.

  8. Mr.KnowEverything Says:

    the 4 mod which are on steam:

    Age of Chivalry
    Zombie Panic: Source

  9. Mr.KnowEverything Says: