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Guest Passes resurface

October 27th, 2006 :: Steam updates :: 28 Responses (Feed)

Regards to Andy S, who spotted a series of new strings added to Steam’s interface in the recent platform update. ‘Guest Passes’ are on the way: you’ll be able to hand out free copies of participating multi-player games to your friends, through Friends or via e-mail, for them to play online with you.

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NeoEdge Uncovered

October 27th, 2006 :: Features, Other services :: 12 Responses (Feed)

Hot on the heels of Triton’s recent demise comes news of NeoEdge, a distribution service promising a series of new twists on the Steam/Triton formula. Did I mention that it might be distributing Bioshock?

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New feed structure

October 26th, 2006 :: Site news :: 5 Responses (Feed)

Seeing as the most popular feed reader for TSR’s subscribers (now bumping gently against 150!) is Firefox’s Live Bookmarks, I’ve reverted the default feed to its original, smaller, excerpt-only form.

If you want to receive the full text of each post in your feed, and don’t mind the larger download, the new URL is

Triton’s Lessons and Legacy

October 24th, 2006 :: Interviews, Other services :: 8 Responses (Feed)

Triton’s demise has been a particularly untimely one. Its plug was unexpectedly pulled during Steam’s strongest single week of growth—perhaps not in coincidence. Its closure has been every digital distribution paranoiac’s nightmare come true, a case study for the worst-case scenario in fact, and as such is of great interest to anyone with a stake or interest in any connected digital distribution scheme.

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The Double Fine question

October 9th, 2006 :: General, New products :: 14 Responses (Feed)

Psychonauts is coming to Steam this month. What of developers Double Fine?

Deals with the devil: publishers on Steam

October 9th, 2006 :: Features :: 12 Responses (Feed)

Long-term publisher contracts are expanding Steam’s library. But are they doing so at the expense of Valve’s integrity?